Welcome to Children of the 2020s

Thank you so much for joining the Children of the 2020s Study and downloading BabySteps. The Children of the 2020s Study team is really grateful to you for helping us with this exciting project, and we hope you enjoy the experience. We know families are incredibly busy, so taking the time to help our project means a lot.

The BabySteps App is a great way for us to keep you up to date about what is happening in the project and how the research we are doing is leading to new insights, and helping families around the country. We will keep you updated through the News and Articles section of the app, so please do check in regularly to see if there are new articles or updates. We’ll let you know about the latest findings from the study, interesting facts and figures about children’s development and anything else exciting going on.

The Duchess of Cambridge visits the Children of the 2020s Team

Click this link to read an article about the Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to University College London, where she heard all about the Children of the 2020s Study, the study you are now a part of.

Stay in Touch!

We want this project to be your project, a study about–and for–children and families growing up together in England in the 2020s. So please get in touch with us if you have suggestions or ideas about things we should think about, questions you have or things we can do better.

You can send an email directly to the study team by clicking on the About tab at the bottom of the screen on the BabySteps app, and choosing the option that says “Ask Questions or Provide Feedback”, or you can just email us at babysteps@ucl.ac.uk.

Please do keep an eye on the News and Articles section, because along the way we will send you updates about the project, including how we have taken forward your suggestions.

If you would like any more information about the study, please call in at the Children of the 2020s Study website.

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