We’re not alone… even bats babble and mummy bats coo

You may have noticed that you, and most adults, tend to speak to babies in a special way – sometimes people call this motherese, although everyone does it, not just mothers. We find it natural when we’re with babies to speak in a slower, higher pitched and softer tone, and although we might not realiseContinue reading “We’re not alone… even bats babble and mummy bats coo”

The Language Timetable

Your baby is at the stage when they are really starting to get to grips with language, and although they may not have any words yet, they understand a lot. Most likely they will be beginning to start producing language-like sounds and babbling at this age, and those babbles will increasingly start to sound more like words and get used to refer to specific objects, people or activities.

Language learning in the womb

Language is one of the most amazing things that we humans do, and babies learn it incredibly fast, from scratch, with no lessons, no textbook, nothing – just the people around them and the conversations they hear and participate in. We still don’t know exactly how it happens, but in this article we look at just how early it all starts…

Babies love a laugh!

Our colleague Dr. Caspar Addyman has the enviable job of studying what makes babies laugh. Goes to work, makes babies laugh, comes home. Not bad! Well, there’s probably a bit more to it than that, but still, there’s nothing quite like the sound of a baby laughing to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.  BabiesContinue reading “Babies love a laugh!”

Welcome to Children of the 2020s

Thank you so much for joining the Children of the 2020s Study and downloading BabySteps. The Children of the 2020s Study team is really grateful to you for helping us with this exciting project, and we hope you enjoy the experience. We know families are incredibly busy, so taking the time to help our projectContinue reading “Welcome to Children of the 2020s”